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Nipple suckers for beginners. SuppleNips are perfect for beginners who want to start with nipple enlargement. Get two sizes to watch your nipples grow. SuppleNips will enlarge your nips and will make them more sensitive. Use them regularly. Two times a day for 20 minutes. Buy at Amazon

Gripper suckers


Have fun with your nipples. Gripper suckers have a good suction and look great. The Gripper are thick and masculine and you can pull them. You should alternate different nipple suckers every other day. Gripper are a great addition to SuppleNips. Buy at Stockroom

TWEAK suckers


TWEAK the next step. TWEAK suckers are for serious nipple pumpers. The suction can be a bit intense. The opening is a bit smaller and will suck in more of the nipple than the areola. This will make nipples pointier and longer. Great for nipple men who want it strong. Buy at Amazon

MAXtwist Nipple Suckers.
They are effective and strong. They work like acrylic nipple enlargement cylinders but you don't need an extra hand pump. Easy to operate and powerful. 4" overall length, 1.17" and inner diameter. Take a break every 15-20 minutes. Avoid water blisters. Buy at Amazon

Advanced nipple pumping and shaping. Nipple Suction cylinders are perfect to shape your enlarged nipples. Three different sizes. The smaller the diameter, the more elongated the nipple will get. The wider, the more stout and cone-shaped. Nipple experts get all three sizes. You need a hand pump to enlarge and shape your man nipples. Buy at Stockroom

Hand pump for nipple, cock and balls pumping. You need the  Brass Hand Pump for Nipple Suction cylinders. Use the pump to enlarge cock with straight cylinders or to increase cock and balls size with 2-Stage cylinders. Pump can be used for hot water pumping in 2-stage cylinders to maximise enlargement effect on cock and balls. Buy at Stockroom

For advanced nipple pumpers. Latex Baby Bottly Nipples. They have to be prepared. Cut off top so your nipple gets sucked through the hole. Cut off part of the rim. Latex nipples should lie flat around your areola. Buy at Amazon

Cock pumping for beginners. This Penis Pump Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get pumping, including a handy instructional DVD. Comes with a 9 inch cylinder (available in 1¾”, 2” or 2¼” diameters) and the high quality Brass Hand Pump. A tremendous value, purchasing items separately would cost much more. Buy at Stockroom

High quality cylinders for cock pumping. These crystal clear, straight Cock Pumping Cylinders are designed for penis pumping as intense erotic massage and penis enlargement. Cylinders come in various sizes. Increases in girth will be larger and longer lasting. Penis width is increased using various cylinders with wider diameter. Buy at Stockroom

The best for cock and balls pumping. 2-stage Cylinders are the most efficient to enlarge cock and balls. Hand crafted of the finest clear polymers. Built for comfort and maximum expansion. Balls don't get stretched-out uncomfortably and have more room to expand. Can be used for hot water pumping to maximise enlargement effect. Buy at Stockroom




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Buying pumping products in the EU often means you have to import from the USA. We have an easier solution for you. Dark-Ink is an online shop from Paris that has a great selection of the best pumping products. Click here to shop