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I know what masculine mature men like. I'm a coach for boomers and older men to become more confident and proud about their nipples, body, health and manhood. I'm founder of Datedick. The social network for your nipples and bulge.

In Bed With Stalin SuppleNipps And MSQRD

in bed with stalin and supplenipps and nipplecoach

We definitely need a #MSQRD nipple filter.
In bed with Stalin and SuppleNipps.

Via Buzzfeed

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Watch Josef Stalin playing with his nipple and his big pipe.

Touch Nipples. Do You Often?

touch nipples

Did You Ever Touch Nipples?

I have a habit of playing with my nipples, needing to touch them all the time.

Touch Nipples in public if you dare. This is not for everybody. But some men are not shy to touch nips and show that they are comfortable with it. Would you dare to do this too? How often do you do it. If you are interested to become more self assured about your nipples you can consider using nipple suction devices. Those tools will help you become more sensitive nipples and will make your nips bigger too. Man and women can use them. You can buy the best nipple pumping products here.

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Here is a nipple pumping video that became viral over Xmas 2015 with voer 2.3m views. You’ll see a man who will touch nipples.

Pumping Big Man Nipples With SuppleNipps 5XLMore at how to enlarge and pump big male nipples and thick areola with SuppleNipps 5XL. #penisnipsTo explain. My intention really wasn’t to shock you – but if my Nipplecoach video makes you laugh. Good. Merry Xmas.I have no idea how this got viral. Maybe somebody wants to research and tell me.So what is this all about? Nipple enlargement is a fetish. I wasn’t sensitive and proud about my visible nipples when I was younger. Now with 50 they work as on switches for my arousal. And bigger is better now too. Well…Smaller size SuppleNipps actually where initially invented for woman with inverted nipples.They come in 5 sizes. Those you see in the video are size 5XL – the biggest. I would suggest that you start with smaller ones, if interested.And yes – this is a thing for men and women. Both can have erotic feelings when their nipples get touched and played with. Pumping nipples certainly WILL increase your sensitivity. And for some it is a big turn off – yes. Sorry 🙂

Posted by Nipplecoach on Sunday, November 1, 2015


Supple Nips Photo

Male Nipple Pumping With Supple Nipps

Best mens nipple enhancement products for bigger nipples

How To Enlarge Male Nipples Permanently

Do you want to enhance big male nipples fast?

You will learn how to get big male nipples fast with Supple Nipps. Learn everything about male nipple pumping. The best mens nipple enhancement devices for enlarging and getting big meaty plump male nipples and areola.

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Supple Nips Photo

Nipple Cock And Balls Pumping

Are you interested to enlarge cock, balls, and nipples? Want to have more sensitive nipples and want to impress with a big bulge? I offer personalized nipple and pump coaching for men. Learn about male nipple enlargement.

Why are Supple Nipps better?

I have tried many different nipple enhancement products over the years. Supple Nips are the best. They where especially developed for enhancing sexual pleasure though nipple excitement and nipp enlargement. If you start using Supplenipps regularly your nipples will grow permanently and you will create more sensitivity to your nipples.

How do Supplenips work?

Supplenipps are the mens nipple enhancement devices for enlarging male nips. You put them on and squeeze them. This produces a small gentle vacuum inside. This will expand your nipples, excite them and make them bigger.

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Does male nipple pumping hurt?

No, nipple pumping with supplenips doesn’t hurt at all. The suction is gentle. The goal is to create a comfortable nipple experience. The more Supplenips are worn the more they will increase the size and shape of your nipples .

The key benefits of Supplenips

  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Effektive
  • Different sizes

Supplenipps are the best product to start male nipple enhancement. Also pros will have fun using them because they are durable, comfortable and very effective. They come in different sizes. Start with smaller sizes and get bigger over time.

Male Nipple Pumping With SuppleNips

Does this make nipples permanently bigger?

Your nipples will become more sensitive and will stay bigger permanently. This will take some time and regular exercise with Supple Nips. But you feel and see the change fast. Be advised, for some men, nipple pumping can be addictive. For a man with smaller nipples, this will add more excitement to his life and make them more self-assured. You will meet other men who are into nipple play. Your sex life with be enhanced in a big way.

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why male nipples

Why Male Nipples?

The Top 6 Reasons Why There Are Male Nipples

Meet other nipple men at Datedick.

(1) Why male nipples?
To get licked by a bearded masculine mature man.


why male nipples

(2) Why male nipples? To put on an iPod Shuffle.



(3) Why male nipples? To hide them under T-Shirt.



(4) Why male nipples? To make him horny with an ice cube.



(5) Why male nipples? For fine-ribbed underwear.



(6) Why male nipples? To wear them with suit and tie.