Pumping Big Man Nipples With SuppleNipps 5XL

Nipplecoach Tutorial Video

How to enlarge and pump big male nipples and thick areola with SuppleNipps 5XL. #PenisNips #HappyNewNips #NipChallenge. Video went viral on Facebook 3.5m views. http://bit.ly/nipcoach
To explain. My intention really wasn’t to shock you – but if my Nipplecoach video makes you laugh. Good. Happy New Year. So what is this all about? Nipple enlargement is a fetish. I wasn’t sensitive and proud about my visible nipples when I was younger. Now with 50 they work as on switches for my arousal. And bigger is better now too. Well…

Smaller size SuppleNipps actually where initially invented for woman with inverted nipples. They come in 5 sizes. Those you see in the video are size 5XL – the biggest. I would suggest that you start with smaller ones, if interested. More at http://nipplecoach.com

And yes – this is a thing for men and women. Both can have erotic feelings when their nipples get touched and played with. Pumping nipples certainly WILL increase your sensitivity. And for some it is a big turn off – yes. Sorry 🙂

WHERE TO BUY? Go to http://www.nipplecoach.com/buy to find the best and most efficient nipple and pump tools.


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