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Dear Mr. Andreas, I am a fan of your site and techniques. I am a 30 year old gay male who is trying to develop nipple size (length and especially width). I love the look of a beefy man nip. I am writing to ask you about the exact sizes of the nipple twists you use in your Advanced Nipple Pumping with 2 sizes of Twists video. Amazon has a sale on the Maxtwist (1.17&;quot;) and a smaller twist (3 pack of .75&;quot;). Are those good ones to purchase? Thanks for your help. Devoted fan, Jared

Hello Jared
sure I can help. I prefere the SMALLEST Twist suckers. They are already big enough. There is one size bigger too that can be fun. But that one I haven’t use in the video and a lot of the areola and the tit itself is sucked in. So I would start with the small version.



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  1. Dad

    Yep have the nipple enlarger that have a twist I got the larger on as my nipples were already the diameter of a dime, just wanted longer. I’m on a 6 hour schedule every 6 hours I put them both on for 20 minutes…. I use lotion on my nips to keep from cracking. they work just fine. Love them


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