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Video. Pump Nipples With Biggest SuppleNipps

How to use the biggest SuppleNipps 5XL to pump and enlarge male nipples and areola.

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Discussion. Disgusting Big Man Nipples

From a discussion at YouTube.

About disgusting man nipples.

Jay Arron comments: EW!? Wtf who finds male long nips attractive that’s disgusting!!

NippleCoach replies: Yes. Some men find long man nipples unattractive and disgusting. Mostly young men, and those who prefer the A&F look. But older, masculine, mature men, daddies, bears, aging babyboomers, often think different. They can feel more attractive and self-confident when they realize that other men like their enlarged nips. They like the sensation when their nipples get played with. So it’s probably a generation gap. Also on www.datedick.com with over 8700 members there are only a few young men into nips.

Via youtube.com/NippleCoach
Via nipplecoach.quora.com/Do-most-young-men-find-long-male-nipples-unattractive-and-disgusting