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Q&A: Pumping Nipple Length Only

Q: Hi George

I wouldn’t mind your thoughts about tit pump cylinders.

I am looking for new pump cylinders, not too wide and with the main aim of length more than width and thickness.  Years ago i always pumped with big wide cylinders which was great for tying off big fat tits, but they didn’t gain much permanent length and also resulted in circles around the areola.  I currently fill my cylinders with tits measuring 4cms x 2.5cm diameter. sell 5cm length cylinders with  2.0cm or 2.8 cm diameter –  I am not sure which of these diameters might be best for permanent length – what do you think?

I have also seen Gumdrop Nipple Enhancers at –  these seem to be a novel design but not sure if their main aim is to just stimulate the tits over long periods, or if they can develop permanent length  –  they seem to be mainly marketed at women. Have you had any feedback from anyone about using these, as they are quite expensive and  i want some recommendations first.

Paddy/Irishpex  in Barcelona swears by homemade rubber tubes, and has probably used them consistently and regularly,  but I have found it very difficult to obtain the same flexible tubing material-  the tubes i have are really too brittle, but they work to a certain extent.  Obviously it’s a method that has worked very well for him!



A: Hi Tim

those are all good question. So your goal ist pumping nipple length. You want to gain permanent length of the nipple itself and don’t pump the areola. As you pointed out correctly. The diameter is critical. This video explains my nipplemethod.

I am using those Thickwall cylinders. The smallest and the next bigger ones.

1/2 inch (1.4cm) “Bullet Nips”

3/4 inch (2.0cm)

I personally think that 1 inch (2.8cm) as nearly too big unless you want to pump the areola. But you always will get a red ring around the areola pumping with such big diameters.

I hardly fit in the smallest Thickwall cylinders. Only the tip of the nipple gets sucked in. So you should use silicone lube to make the nipple move inwards easily. Because this is what will happen. Over 10-20 minutes the nipple will be stretched significantly and much more of the nipple will be inside this 1/2 inch cylinders. This way you definitely an lengthen nipples.

I like to switch diameters because also a thick areola can be fun. But you should do both.

I hope this helps you go gain more nipple length.

P.S. Those nomemade rubber tubes are fun and a cheap home-made solution. But the diameter is rather big so it does not really help when you want to focus on nipple length.