Nipple Pumping Beginners Tips

When you start nipple pumping you should do it regularly but avoid overpumping. Regularly means every day for two times. Maybe in the morning when you brush teath, shower (yes, you can) and prepare breakfast for 30 min. And then again in the evening when you watch TV for another 30 min.

You should use smaller nipple suckers (SuppelNipps) in the beginning. You can use bigger ones after your nipples have grown in the next months.

After 1-2 months you will be able to go longer for maybe an hour each session. But you should avoid to pump for a long time in one session or even fall asleep with SuppleNipps still on (which would be possible, because the hardly fall of even during sleep).

When you overpump you can develop water blisters on the nipple or areola. You would experience liquid (sera) in the nipple sucker. This is nothing dangerous but it burns a bit and you should take a break then for 1-2 days. You can see what happens when you develop a water blister here in this NippleCoach avoiding water blisters tutorial video.

When you got sore nipples because of overpumping or too much nipple play you can take care of them with a antibiotic cream. See taking car of sore nipple video here.

It’s fun to find a play or nipple play and pumping partner to compare results and experiences.

Summing up my tips for nipple pumping beginners.
1. Regularly 2. Avoid overpumping 3. Find a nipple play partner


6 thoughts on “Nipple Pumping Beginners Tips

  1. Boston Jock

    just got a pair of the #1s…. im a beginner…
    so so great…. however i cant get them to stay on and have difficulty getting the suction to take hold.
    currently i lick them using my spit…then push them to my nipple and it takes about 15 minutes before i find that right spot where they stick for 5 minutes…..

    what am i doing wrong?
    what should i be doing?

    1. George Andreas Post author

      you should use vaseline to get a good seal. Spit will not work. A chap stick might also work. Just lubricate with vaseline based stuff. Good luck. Have fun. NC

  2. Ryan

    I just started using Supple Nips (they feel great btw) but I cant help but feel ive been placing them a little bit off the center of the nipple.

    For instance, when I finish using them I noticed I get a little bit of a bump right next to the nipple but it goes away quickly after.

    I guess my question is that is it possible to misplace supple nips on the nipple?

    1. George Andreas Post author

      Yes – this happens. Usually when the SuppleNips are too big. I would always get smaller ones as well and alternate between small and bigger. When the diameter is a bit smaller it is easier to center them and you will concentrate the effect on the nipple itself and less to the areola, where you proably created the bump.


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