SuppleNipps falling off without good suction

Question: I have tried SuppleNips for quite sometime without much success. I use the smallest size and try to create a good suction but they tend to fall off etc. my nipples are very much hard wired to my cock and I would love to extend their length but it doesn’t seem possible for me.

Answer: Are you using any lubricant like vaseline with your SuppleNipps? Are you very hairy around the areola? Actually my SuppleNipps don’t even hold 5 seconds dry. You really need something to make them “stick”. You should try vaseline as lubricant.

Another tip. Depending on your hairyness you might need more vaseline. But if you are a bit trimmed or shaved around the areola you just need a slight film. So you also can use a lip balm and twist it around the areola AND the rim of the SuppleNipp. That would do it too. That is great for communiting and outside (public?) use when you don´t always want to take a big jar of vaseline with you. 🙂

Reply after the advice: Your advice was well received. I used this method and kept them on for a couple hours pumping them off and on regularly. My nipples expanded quite a bit temporarily but I will exercise them with SuppleNips everyday.


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