Best nipple sucker TWIST size

Dear Mr. Andreas, I am a fan of your site and techniques. I am a 30 year old gay male who is trying to develop nipple size (length and especially width). I love the look of a beefy man nip. I am writing to ask you about the exact sizes of the nipple twists you use in your Advanced Nipple Pumping with 2 sizes of Twists video. Amazon has a sale on the Maxtwist (1.17&;quot;) and a smaller twist (3 pack of .75&;quot;). Are those good ones to purchase? Thanks for your help. Devoted fan, Jared

Hello Jared
sure I can help. I prefere the SMALLEST Twist suckers. They are already big enough. There is one size bigger too that can be fun. But that one I haven’t use in the video and a lot of the areola and the tit itself is sucked in. So I would start with the small version.


Electric suction pump for nipples

I am very interested in finding a powerful electric suction pump that has adjustable suction especially for my nipples. Where can I buy such a pump? Love to see pictures. Bill

Hi William

I have never used an electric pump for my nipples actually. I have one that I have bought in Germany but unfortunately I cannot really advice with one would be good that you can buy in the USA.


Enlarging removed nipple

Dear Coach, I was born with large sensitive nips. About 15 years ago I had a pre-cancer cist on one nip (the left, my favorite) and it had to be removed. Needless to say my right nip has gotten huge (I can’;t help playing with it.) I still have the aeola on the left side but no nip. Do you think it possible to start sucking one out from nothing?

Hi Jim

sorry to hear that but great that you still have fun with your nipples. I doubt that you could suck a removed nipple „out of nothing“. I am pretty sure you whoe areola would grow and make your other nipple look bigger. But of course, I have no real experience and I am just saying what I am thinking. Have fun and good luck.


How to keep nips large after pumping

Any advise how to keep your nips large after pumping with supple nips?

Hi Mike

thanks for your question. Well, if your nipples are big enough you could tie them off with a small leather band. But when your nipples are still rather small there is not enough „material“ where you could get a grip. This means you would have to pump longer to get your nipple bigger first. That could take some months or years. But then, they will stay bigger permanently.

You could also use cut off baby bottle nipples to „tie off“ your nipples. Here are two videos that explains that technique. But then, you would bigger nipples as well first.


How to enlarge nipples as fast as possible

I woud like to enlargen my nipples as fast as possible. Any tips on how to get started?

Hi nipple buddy. Actually „fast“ is a thing. You have to have „some“ patience. See it as body building. First results need 3-6 months to be seen. Permanent bigger results often need years. But the good thing is. It WILL be permanent over time. So I would suggest you get yourself some pairs of SuppleNipps. Don’t use too big ones at first. But work out regularly – daily for 2 x 20-30 min.

But don’t overpump at the beginning. You will create waterblisters otherwise. Not dangerous but it hurts a bit. Here is a link to buy SuppleNipps at amazon
But you also get all sizes here.

Have fun

SuppleNipps falling off without good suction

Question: I have tried SuppleNips for quite sometime without much success. I use the smallest size and try to create a good suction but they tend to fall off etc. my nipples are very much hard wired to my cock and I would love to extend their length but it doesn’t seem possible for me.

Answer: Are you using any lubricant like vaseline with your SuppleNipps? Are you very hairy around the areola? Actually my SuppleNipps don’t even hold 5 seconds dry. You really need something to make them “stick”. You should try vaseline as lubricant.

Another tip. Depending on your hairyness you might need more vaseline. But if you are a bit trimmed or shaved around the areola you just need a slight film. So you also can use a lip balm and twist it around the areola AND the rim of the SuppleNipp. That would do it too. That is great for communiting and outside (public?) use when you don´t always want to take a big jar of vaseline with you. 🙂

Reply after the advice: Your advice was well received. I used this method and kept them on for a couple hours pumping them off and on regularly. My nipples expanded quite a bit temporarily but I will exercise them with SuppleNips everyday.


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Nipple Pumping Beginners Tips

When you start nipple pumping you should do it regularly but avoid overpumping. Regularly means every day for two times. Maybe in the morning when you brush teath, shower (yes, you can) and prepare breakfast for 30 min. And then again in the evening when you watch TV for another 30 min.

You should use smaller nipple suckers (SuppelNipps) in the beginning. You can use bigger ones after your nipples have grown in the next months.

After 1-2 months you will be able to go longer for maybe an hour each session. But you should avoid to pump for a long time in one session or even fall asleep with SuppleNipps still on (which would be possible, because the hardly fall of even during sleep).

When you overpump you can develop water blisters on the nipple or areola. You would experience liquid (sera) in the nipple sucker. This is nothing dangerous but it burns a bit and you should take a break then for 1-2 days. You can see what happens when you develop a water blister here in this NippleCoach avoiding water blisters tutorial video.

When you got sore nipples because of overpumping or too much nipple play you can take care of them with a antibiotic cream. See taking car of sore nipple video here.

It’s fun to find a play or nipple play and pumping partner to compare results and experiences.

Summing up my tips for nipple pumping beginners.
1. Regularly 2. Avoid overpumping 3. Find a nipple play partner

Why Nipple Pumping






I get this simple question often on my YouTube channel. Most of the time those questions are meant as a negative comment and the asker doesn’t really expect nor want a real answer. But what would be a helpful and honest answer?

Why nipple pumping?

  1. Because nipples are an erogenous zone for some men.
  2. Because  pumping not only makes nipples bigger but also more sensitive (therefore you will have more pleasure).
  3. Because bigger nipples can be attractive for others and those who have them.
  4. Or just simply. Because nipples, nipple play and nipple pumping is a fetish and some men have a direct connection between their nipples and their dick.

Can you nipple pump with pierced nipples



Pumping with nipple piercing – is this possible?

I was just asked this on Facebook and I  also have an interesting recent story about it. A play buddy of mine gets totally turned on by my big nipples. And his has big ones too. And he is pierced. With rather big rings. BUT since ten years, practically right after he got pierced, he did not feel anything anymore. As if his nerves where cut off. You could pull them, twist them, what not. Not much reaction.

Recently he jokingly said: “I sure cannot pump my nipples with my rings.” I did not say my usual phrase: “Yes, pumping with piercings is a problem.” No, I just tried SuppleNipps on him. First the 4XL where his rings hardly fitted in. Then 5XL where he easily can enter. We played and he left the SuppleNips on. Now he has ordered his own pair and pumps regularly. Just yesterday we played again and he told me this.

“You know, I am slowly getting my nipple feelings back! When you touch and rub just the tip of my nipples I have a wonderful electric feelings suddenly. As if my nerves got reconnected again. I am very happy and thankful that you pointed me to those big nipple suckers that fit over my rings.”

Isn’t his a great story? So it is not only possible that you CAN pump your nipples with rather big piercings You can also develop new (and sometimes your first) feelings by pumping nipples.

So to be precise. Yes, you CAN pump pierced nipples. You just have to find a suction cup that would fit around it.

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What is this fluid coming out of nipple suckers

First of all – dont worry. That is nothing serious and most every nipple pumper will experience that. When you pump your nipples for a very long time you will develop water blisters. You can spot them on the tip of the nipple or on the side. First they are small and look as if your nipple gets white spots. Then they will grow and eventually open up while you are still inside the nipple sucker. Then you will find some liquid dripping out of the nipple suckers when you take them off. Usually the liquid is clear. Those opened water blisters burn a little but they will heal quickly.

It’s best to stop pumping your nipples for one or two days. Put some (antibiotic) lotion on your nipples and give them a gentle rub. Water blisters are mostly happening when you start nipple pumping. Once your nipples are more trained after some months it will happen less and less. The best thing to do is to take breaks every 15 minutes and to massage your nipples. Use lubricant (vaseline) and don’t pump dry because this would make the skin break even easier. When I do my coaching I look for white spots after 15 minutes and adjust the pressure or stop for a while. Beginners have to be patient. But it is a good idea to pump regularly if not daily. Just take some breakes and avoid overpumping. Watch video how to avoid water blisters while pumping nipples.